BYBORRE brings its engineered knits into the outdoors with the introduction of Edition9™

In a first preview of its Edition9™, Dutch textile innovation company BYBORRE is showcasing its upcoming end-of-year collection of advanced knitted textiles and signature silhouettes. The collection, conceived in a time of the working-from-home standard, is rooted in the team’s reappreciation of the outdoors and its liberating qualities against the limiting nature of current social confinements. Exploring the world beyond their homes, BYBORRE engineered a new range of textiles and products, this time specifically rendered for a life set in the natural surroundings, including its returning GORE-TEX instalment and the introduction of an all new program with none other than Parley for the Oceans.

With an Autumn scheduled release, iconic BYBORRE styles such as its Weightmap Sweater, the Over Shirt and the Tapered Cropped Pants are seen executed in a wide range of protective knits specifically engineered to challenge colder outdoor conditions whilst offering the comfort of knitted textile. Existing and new knit types such as a new iteration of an Ottoman structure coined OTM™, and a heavier rendition of its signature AO2™ textile, were developed specifically to stand the test of the elements, resulting in a range of heavy, tight knitted textiles and garments providing both rugged protection and wearer comfort. 

Making up the protective knits are bold lines and graphic structures depicting rocks, leaves and organic shapes tapping into the worlds of natural life and outdoor scenery, aptly fitting a collection made for a life of adventure.

On a material level, this Edition furthers BYBORRE’s strive to conscious textile production and use, by announcing the introduction of an all new ingredient partnership with none other than Parley for the Oceans - a global collaboration network and environmental organisation known for its strategy to end marine plastic pollution: Parley AIR — Avoid, Intercept, Redesign. The two organisations join forces to create textiles using Parley’s innovative Ocean Plastic® yarns made from up-cycled marine debris and BYBORRE’s bespoke textile production, in an effort to inspire fellow designers and manufacturers to challenge the status quo, question materials and methods, and help drive a material revolution by transforming products into symbols of change.

Keeping with tradition, Edition 9™ also features the continuation of the ongoing research based partnership with GORE-TEX, further exploring the possibilities and comfort brought by marrying jersey knitted textiles with protective woven membranes. 

Whilst Edition9™ is set to release to retailers and consumers in the Autumn of 2021, head over to the BYBORRE website to learn more about the company’s latest textile innovations and developments, and look out for its soon to be dropped Edition8™. 

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BYBORRE’s Editions serve as the perfect playground to both experiment and refine material innovations and showcase them to the world.With each new Edition, the BYBORRE label highlights the genuine usability and creative potential of BYBORRE’s textiles for all creators who have a need to work with its knitted textiles. The Editions introduce and commemorate the biggest ideas coming out of the studio.


As a latest addition to the BYBORRE textile building blocks, this variation of the signature 3D knit technique has a characteristic, alternating ribbed or corded structure. Additionally, colours on the front and back of the fabric fully blend creating a strikingly bold look.

AO2™ Heavy Weight

Premiering the heavyweight sibling to our AO2™ (Attachment Only 2 layer). Whilst constructed using the same technique, this rendition utilizes more yarns to create a denser, more rugged knit. Intended for outerwear and pants, this fabric has an unexpected structure to it reminiscent of denim or heavy duck cloth. 


The introduction period starts the 25th of January until the 19th of February 2021. The Edition is set to release in stores in Autumn 2021. If you are a retailer, brand or member of the press you can book your slot to be virtually introduced to this Edition and its latest textile innovations.


Schedule a virtual meeting and be introduced to the and/or +44 7870 500 286



  • Parley for the Oceans.
  • The GORE-TEX brand
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About Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans is a new form of environmental organisation that brings together creators, thinkers, and leaders across brands, governments, creative communities and environmental groups to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. What started as a collaboration space has fast become an award-winning global movement and network with its multidisciplinary approach and Parley AIR Strategy (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign), Parley works to accelerate solutions to marine plastic pollution, climate change and overfishing. Parley understands current plastic is a design failure, sees the long-term solution in a Material Revolution. To catalyze awareness and fund initiatives focused on direct impact, education, material science and eco-innovation. Parley introduced Ocean Plastic®, a catalyst material made from intercepted marine plastic waste to replace virgin plastic while raising awareness and funds that empower leaders in the sports, fashion and luxury industries to transform products into symbols of change.

Parley has formed alliances with major partners including adidas, Anheuser Busch InBev (Corona), American Express; the Republic of the Maldives, the United Nations, World Bank, British Fashion Council, and collaborates spanning the worlds of science, art, fashion, design, entertainment, sports, space and ocean exploration. Learn more and join the movement at



Studio photography: Tomek Dersu Aaron

Nature & Textile photography: Lotte van Raalte


PRESS INQUIRIES and/or (+31) 6 41 59 37 87


BYBORRE® is a pioneering textile company founded in 2015, and dedicated to transforming the textile industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing. Merging physical and digital worlds, BYBORRE® pioneers material innovation, transparency and textile customization to make responsible textiles accessible, worldwide.

By questioning industry norms, BYBORRE® invites others to think differently and become part of something bigger—a movement that redefines the future and possibilities of textiles.

(Dutch version)

BYBORRE® is een impact gedreven textielbedrijf opgericht in 2015 en toegewijd aan het transformeren van de textielindustrie door middel van verantwoorde creatie en transparante sourcing. Door fysieke en digitale werelden te combineren en integreren, loopt BYBORRE® voorop op het gebied van materiaalinnovatie, transparantie en textiel customization om verantwoorde textiel wereldwijd toegankelijk te maken.

Door de normen in de industrie uit te dagen, nodigt BYBORRE® anderen uit om anders te denken en deel te worden van iets groters—een beweging die de toekomst en mogelijkheden van textiel opnieuw definieert.

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