BYBORRE LAB previews its newest textile innovations in its ‘Edition7’ collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Edition7 sees a number of developments from the BYBORRE lab coming together. Numerous aesthetics and silhouettes are explored, showcasing a variety of options available when using our forward-thinking textiles. The studio is proud to introduce the Waffle™ knit, an all new material development and the latest addition to our Textile Development Kit™ (TDK). This latest collection also explores the benefits of adaptable clothing through a capsule of convertible garments. Additionally a number of styles deviate from the signature, sporty BYBORRE look to better showcase the numerous aesthetics and silhouettes for which our fabrications are suitable. To complement these new innovations, exclusive artworks made by Dutch artist Erosie make up the composition of the textiles, emphasising the range of possibilities when producing your own BYBORRE textile. 


BYBORRE presents its latest textile innovation, and provides a preview of the upcoming Edition7 collection in partnership with The Woolmark Company and Meryl® on display in the BYBORRE showroom during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.


From the 15th till the 21st of January 2019, BYBORRE’s latest textile innovation and Edition7 collection will be on display in their showroom.


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BYBORRE’s Edition7 showcases the innovations that can be achieved through our pioneering textile development research. BYBORRE unites with Dutch artist Jeroen Erosie to turn yarns and garments into new artworks; lines and graphics are knitted into each piece. The collaboration acts as a case study to showcase the potential for artists to make dynamic work using BYBORRE’s open-source Textile Development Kit™, a tool available to any brand or creative keen to make textile development a fundamental step in their creativity. Tones nod to Erosie’s artwork, combining an industrial feel with a rugged, rustic mood; Tar, Rust, Iron Ore, Copper, Lead, Oily Blue.

Collaboration is central to the BYBORRE process, and this Edition features numerous merino wool pieces made in partnership with The Woolmark Company, a range of eco nylon constructed items made in partnership with Meryl®, and a function-focused partnership with the GORE-TEX brand, whose technology can be found on transformable parkas, trousers and gloves, which can be adapted at a moment’s notice. Another pioneering inclusion is a new knit type; the WAFFLE™ knit.

Notable in this collection are new silhouettes such as a bomber, shirt, and neat button-through inspired jacket. These deviate from the signature, sporty BYBORRE look, and nod to classic menswear staples and the clean, quiet formality of workwear. These new styles, and the Edition as a whole, showcase the numerous aesthetics and silhouettes for which our fabrications are suitable, highlighting the variety of options available when using our forward-thinking textiles.


BYBORRE’s label functions as the perfect playground to both experiment and refine material innovations and showcase them to the world. 

With each new Edition, the BYBORRE label highlights the genuine usability and creative potential of BYBORRE’s textiles. The label commemorates the biggest ideas coming out of the studio. 


new knit type, the WAFFLE™, is introduced with this edition. This is a single layer fabric, featuring a dynamic mesh of tones. When worn next to skin the waffle-like structure of the knit creates air pockets which trap heat, giving the fabric excellent thermal properties. BYBORRE’s desire is always to be “part of something bigger,” so this waffle will be added as an option in our Textile Development Kit™, allowing other brands and collaborators to take this new innovation and twist it into their own style and aesthetic.



As always, the Edition is comprised of staple garments - BYBORRE Fundamentals alongside new BYBORRE Experimentals. A selection of these new styles deviate from the signature, sporty BYBORRE look, and nod instead to classic menswear staples, combining the clean, quiet formality of workwear with BYBORRE’s signature details. These Experimental styles showcase the numerous aesthetics and silhouettes for which our fabrications are suitable, highlighting the variety of options available when embracing our textile development ethos.


This collection again features a function-focused range of GORE-TEX pieces, whose INFINIUM fabrics can be found on transformable parkas, trousers and gloves, through which the benefits of adaptable clothing are explored; when extra protection from the elements is required a knit vest can, via zippable compartments, become a hooded, protective jacket at a moment’s notice.


Main Ingredient partners:

The Woolmark Company & Meryl®

Innovation partners:

Santoni Shanghai, Mayer & Cie, the GORE-TEX brand

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Lookbook photography: Team Peter Stigter

Studio photography: Victoria Yanchuk


BYBORRE® is a pioneering textile company founded in 2015, and dedicated to transforming the textile industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing. Merging physical and digital worlds, BYBORRE® pioneers material innovation, transparency and textile customization to make responsible textiles accessible, worldwide.

By questioning industry norms, BYBORRE® invites others to think differently and become part of something bigger—a movement that redefines the future and possibilities of textiles.

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BYBORRE® is een impact gedreven textielbedrijf opgericht in 2015 en toegewijd aan het transformeren van de textielindustrie door middel van verantwoorde creatie en transparante sourcing. Door fysieke en digitale werelden te combineren en integreren, loopt BYBORRE® voorop op het gebied van materiaalinnovatie, transparantie en textiel customization om verantwoorde textiel wereldwijd toegankelijk te maken.

Door de normen in de industrie uit te dagen, nodigt BYBORRE® anderen uit om anders te denken en deel te worden van iets groters—een beweging die de toekomst en mogelijkheden van textiel opnieuw definieert.

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