BYBORRE AW18 - Mobile Showroom at CIFF RAVEN

BYBORRE will drive their Mobile Showroom to Copenhagen to be part of CIFF RAVEN, where they'll be showcasing their latest textile innovations including the new On-Pattern collection. Engineered from the yarn up, BYBORRE continues building on their archetypical styles and pushing the aesthetics and functionality of their signature knitting techniques to the next level.


BYBORRE launches their latest fabric innovations with their On-Pattern collection, displayed in the BYBORRE Mobile Showroom stationed at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.


From the January 31th till February 2nd 2018, you can find the BYBORRE Mobile Showroom parked at CIFF RAVEN.


As a special extension of CIFF RAVEN, the BYBORRE Mobile Showroom will be stationed in front of the main entrance of the Bella Center during Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

On-Pattern edition

After a successful trip to Paris Men's Fashion Week, BYBORRE now drives their Mobile Showroom up to Copenhagen to introduce their new collection, using their latest textile innovations, at the RAVEN platform of the AW 2018 Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

Aiming to create the perfect dialogue between their textiles and the people who use them, BYBORRE returns to one of their initial experiments: 3D Knit On-Pattern. This technique has been applied to their evolving collection of archetype styles.

After establishing a solid foundation with their Generation One collection, which focused on shape and a monochrome palette, BYBORRE evolved the styles and fabrics for their Spring/Summer 18 Core Collection. With this second collection the studio introduced their 8bit fabric, a jersey terry textile suitable for warmer climates, in a bold palette of colours. This year’s Autumn/Winter 18 collection showcases BYBORRE’s signature 3D knitting techniques, pushing it even further to serve the user’s needs in colder climates

Key innovations for AW18

BYBORRE’s mission to master knit pushes them to incorporate their innovations in their range of fabrics; each constructed, designed, and produced with specific purpose in mind. Key innovations in the AW18 collection are: 

On-Pattern 3D Knit: 

Building on one of their earliest experiments, BYBORRE has maximised functionality for the garments through designing directly onto individual pattern pieces. Unlike your traditional cut-and-sew from a roll of fabric, BYBORRE’s On-Pattern pieces are designed and scaled piece by piece specifically for every garment. Design elements include targeted 3D knitting, and integrated text that speaks to the identity of the BYBORRE brand.

Lightweight 8-Bit:

In the SS18 season the studio introduced their 8-Bit Jersey, a double layer fabric with a smooth face and a terry back side. This season BYBORRE has expanded on the 8-Bit to create a fabric that is lighter. The Lightweight 8-Bit, with it’s soft touch and lightweight breathability, is perfectly suited as a cozy layer for a chilly day.

Reversed 8-Bit:

Don’t let the name deceive you; with this edition of the signature 8-Bit fabric, BYBORRE has been able to get all the functionality with a completely new look. The structure of the knit has been adjusted by reversing the yarns used on either side, and turning the fabric “inside out”. 

Overlap Construction: 

Exploring alternative methods of garment assembly, BYBORRE’s overlap construction gives their garments a signature look and accentuates the fabrics. Each piece of fabric is seamed with bias binding, then layered together to create a streamlined construction.

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Adam Katz Sinding Le 21ème - - @le21eme

Tomek Dersu Aaron - - @tomekdersuaaron


BYBORRE® is a pioneering textile company founded in 2015, and dedicated to transforming the textile industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing. Merging physical and digital worlds, BYBORRE® pioneers material innovation, transparency and textile customization to make responsible textiles accessible, worldwide.

By questioning industry norms, BYBORRE® invites others to think differently and become part of something bigger—a movement that redefines the future and possibilities of textiles.

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BYBORRE® is een impact gedreven textielbedrijf opgericht in 2015 en toegewijd aan het transformeren van de textielindustrie door middel van verantwoorde creatie en transparante sourcing. Door fysieke en digitale werelden te combineren en integreren, loopt BYBORRE® voorop op het gebied van materiaalinnovatie, transparantie en textiel customization om verantwoorde textiel wereldwijd toegankelijk te maken.

Door de normen in de industrie uit te dagen, nodigt BYBORRE® anderen uit om anders te denken en deel te worden van iets groters—een beweging die de toekomst en mogelijkheden van textiel opnieuw definieert.

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