BYBORRE raises € 3.2 million in series A funding to invest in their textile platform for sustainable textile development.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 28th 2020 - BYBORRE, the Amsterdam based textile innovation studio raises € 3.2 million in a series A round led by SHIFT Invest (Vandebron, The Renewal Workshop, Protix), together with existing investor the Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund (Vandebron, Aectual) and existing angel investors. The obtained funding will be used to accelerate BYBORRE’s on-demand textile platform (Textile Development Kit, "TDK") and expand its global on-demand production network.

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, generating large landfills, responsible for 10% of the global CO2 emission and for 20% of the water waste. The industry is known for inefficient production processes, high energy demand and many unnecessary transports (goods and people). BYBORRE challenges this status quo and made it its mission to create conscious creators and allow them to be “part of something bigger”.

That’s why BYBORRE champions the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise, inviting other brands to work with the platform and find out about new ways to create quality custom and sustainable textiles. BYBORRE produces on-demand using existing capacity of its production partners. It’s an open source mentality; through BYBORRE, designers have access to sustainable building blocks, industry innovations and creative tools, all in one place. BYBORRE positions itself as a service; ready for brands to twist textiles into their own aesthetic, requirements and style. 

Borre Akkersdijk, co-founder and creative director at BYBORRE: “We are in contact with textiles almost every minute of the day from the moment we are born, and therefor it's fascinating that this very traditional industry has not been disrupted and revolutionised for the last decades. We are thrilled to work with those who share our desire to question the status quo, hence why we’re reconsidering what it in fact means to collaborate with some of the world’s most respected creatives and brands, providing the tools to help them push their textiles into new forms and new meaning. BYBORRE is a movement”. Industry leading suppliers like GORE-TEX, The Woolmark Company, Santoni (circular knitting machines), Mayer & Cie have already partnered with BYBORRE, while brands using the BYBORRE platform include adidas, BMW, Rapha, Descente, Kapital, Natuzzi, Bedwin & The Heartbreakers, MINI and many more.

Guus Verhees, managing partner at Shift Invest; “BYBORRE is committed to improve the entire textile creation cycle and production processes worldwide, inviting others to join them as they upturn the market and rethink tired habits and norms. Their methods have already spread far and wide beyond their studio, reshaping the way numerous brands think about the potential of responsible textile making and radically shifting what textiles mean for their collections”.

Casper Heijsteeg, fund manager at AKEF and partner at e3 Partners: “Now is the time to be responsible and aware when it comes to what you design and produce. Designers, brands and suppliers have to take action. The fact that BYBORRE is offering them a sustainable solution from Amsterdam fits well within AKEF's mission".

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About SHIFT Invest

SHIFT Invest is a Dutch venture capital fund that invests in innovations in food & agriculture, clean (bio-based) technologies, circularity and smart materials. Through its investments, SHIFT strives to create environmental impact alongside financial return. Together with the fund partners, SHIFT offers entrepreneurs a broad network and knowledge of the sector. SHIFT is managed by New Balance Impact Investors (NBI), an experienced team of investment professionals and entrepreneurs. NBI manages five venture capital funds, backed by strong and involved partners that share their mission of turning investments into impact.

About AKEF

Het Amsterdams Klimaat en Energie Fonds AKEF) is opgericht door de stad Amsterdam. Het fonds investeert in projecten die een positieve impact hebben op energiebesparing, duurzame energieopwekking, energie-efficiëntie en circulariteit. De investeringen leiden tot een aantoonbare CO2-reducties binnen de regio Amsterdam. Sinds de oprichting in 2014 heeft het fonds 58 miljoen euro geïnvesteerd in 25 projecten. Sindsdien zijn er negen projecten terugbetaald of geherfinancierd. De gerealiseerde opbrengst is beschikbaar gesteld voor nieuwe investeringen om de impact van het fonds te maximaliseren. Het fonds wordt beheerd door e3 Partners.


BYBORRE® is a pioneering textile company founded in 2015, and dedicated to transforming the textile industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing. Merging physical and digital worlds, BYBORRE® pioneers material innovation, transparency and textile customization to make responsible textiles accessible, worldwide.

By questioning industry norms, BYBORRE® invites others to think differently and become part of something bigger—a movement that redefines the future and possibilities of textiles.

(Dutch version)

BYBORRE® is een impact gedreven textielbedrijf opgericht in 2015 en toegewijd aan het transformeren van de textielindustrie door middel van verantwoorde creatie en transparante sourcing. Door fysieke en digitale werelden te combineren en integreren, loopt BYBORRE® voorop op het gebied van materiaalinnovatie, transparantie en textiel customization om verantwoorde textiel wereldwijd toegankelijk te maken.

Door de normen in de industrie uit te dagen, nodigt BYBORRE® anderen uit om anders te denken en deel te worden van iets groters—een beweging die de toekomst en mogelijkheden van textiel opnieuw definieert.

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