BYBORRE and Ace & Tate collaborate to inspire conscious design

AMSTERDAM, 20 July 2023 — Ace & Tate, the Amsterdam-based eyewear brand known for its timeless Dutch design and quality craftsmanship, and BYBORRE, a revolutionary textile design studio transforming the industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing, proudly announce an exclusive collaboration that showcases their shared dedication to conscious design. This partnership aims to redefine the perspective on products and inspire consumers to make informed choices aligned with their values, ultimately driving positive transformation within their industries.

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The collaboration features a unique set including custom-designed Ace & Tate Mac frames accompanied by a sleeve and elegantly enclosed within a tote bag, crafted meticulously using BYBORRE's cutting-edge textile. With this collaboration, BYBORRE's expertise in high-tech knitted textiles intertwines seamlessly with Ace & Tate's mastery of eyewear design, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to conscious innovation.

Conscious design as catalyst for positive impact

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared belief that the design and production processes hold the key to shaping a sustainable future. With 80% of a product's environmental impact determined during the design phase, both BYBORRE and Ace & Tate prioritize conscious decisions that minimize their ecological footprint without compromising quality.

The tote bag included in this exclusive collaboration holds a "Textile Passport", offering transparency into the textile's footprint and resources saved during its production. Designed with sustainability in mind, the textile itself is crafted from 72% recycled polyester sourced from post-consumption plastic bottles collected in Italy. Through a meticulous mechanical process, these bottles are transformed into a polymer, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals for the environment. The remaining 28% of the textile consists of polyester fill, resulting in a well-balanced composition.

The sunglasses featured in this collaboration, known as the Mac sunglasses, mirror the intricate 3D knitting patterns of the textile. To achieve a similar three-dimensional look and structure, the frames incorporate layered acetate, CNC-cut into a pattern that artfully reveals all three layers. The acetate structure comprises a black bottom layer, a middle layer in gray, and a top layer in black, adorned with a matte sand-blasting finish.

Notably, the frames are constructed from bio acetate—a groundbreaking material produced using bio-based plasticizers derived from renewable sources instead of oil-based alternatives. This innovative choice underscores both brands' commitment to exploring sustainable alternatives while maintaining impeccable design standards.

BYBORRE, a vanguard in the textile industry, envisions a future where textiles are crafted with conscious intent. Merging the physical and digital realms of textile creation, they unlock material innovation and establish a transparent supply chain that grants creators worldwide access to responsible textiles. By fostering collaboration, openness, and inspiration, BYBORRE challenges industry norms, encouraging designers, manufacturers, and consumers to think differently about textiles and join a movement that envisions a better future.

Let's imagine a world together where responsible design thrives without compromises. By embracing new ideas and making conscious choices, we can have a positive impact on the environment and work towards a more sustainable future. Borre Akkersdijk, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at BYBORRE

Ace & Tate, driven by its desire to create positive change within the eyewear industry, designs all frames in-house, ensuring quality control throughout the entire process. With a commitment to transparency, they prioritize sourcing the best materials and working with trusted suppliers. While actively pursuing smarter, more mindful solutions to become a forward-thinking brand, Ace & Tate understands that change is an ongoing journey. They aspire to inspire others and ignite brighter possibilities by collaborating with forward-thinking individuals who have the power to reshape the world through their creativity.

Together, Ace & Tate and BYBORRE invite you to embrace this exclusive collaboration, symbolizing the boundless potential of conscious design and responsible choices. By joining forces, they aim to inspire individuals to make informed decisions that contribute to a more sustainable and beautiful planet.

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BYBORRE® is a pioneering textile company founded in 2015, and dedicated to transforming the textile industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing. Merging physical and digital worlds, BYBORRE® pioneers material innovation, transparency and textile customization to make responsible textiles accessible, worldwide.

By questioning industry norms, BYBORRE® invites others to think differently and become part of something bigger—a movement that redefines the future and possibilities of textiles.

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BYBORRE® is een impact gedreven textielbedrijf opgericht in 2015 en toegewijd aan het transformeren van de textielindustrie door middel van verantwoorde creatie en transparante sourcing. Door fysieke en digitale werelden te combineren en integreren, loopt BYBORRE® voorop op het gebied van materiaalinnovatie, transparantie en textiel customization om verantwoorde textiel wereldwijd toegankelijk te maken.

Door de normen in de industrie uit te dagen, nodigt BYBORRE® anderen uit om anders te denken en deel te worden van iets groters—een beweging die de toekomst en mogelijkheden van textiel opnieuw definieert.

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