BYBORRE elevates ready-to-order textile collection with new patterns and colors

AMSTERDAM, 4 SEPTEMBER 2023 — BYBORRE, the pioneering textile company on a mission to transform the textile industry, proudly announces the expansion of its ready-to-order textile offering. This refined collection now boasts an impressive 19 textiles styles available in 147 variants, offering customers a versatile and sophisticated range of options.

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The BYBORRE ready-to-order textile collection is a fusion of fundamentals and expressive fabrics, carefully curated to embody the distinctive BYBORRE aesthetics. With a focus on knit complexity, diversity in (micro)pattern options and colors, the collection showcases the brand's commitment to innovative and conscious textile creation.

Digital sampling

BYBORRE has designed this collection with its cutting-edge digital textile creation software, supported by rapid in-house sampling. By leveraging this technology, BYBORRE has significantly reduced waste* and saved resources during the design phase, in line with their impact vision to offer the most responsible textiles on the market.

* For the current scope of this collection, BYBORRE's in-house design team created approximately 500 digital samples. They submitted 110 to physical knitting samples and had to adjust and resubmit 14 fabrics. All other 96 physical samples came out as expected based on the digital projection and representation in their textile creation software.

Textiles with conscious intent

BYBORRE's dedication to transform the textile industry has been evident since its inception in 2015. The company's commitment to crafting textiles with conscious intent sets new standards across the supply chain, from material innovation to transparency across the board.

We are thrilled to present our enhanced textile collection. This collection showcases mainly interior-focused textiles, reflecting our commitment to delivering responsible textiles for everyday use. Borre Akkersdijk, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at BYBORRE


Through this extended ready-to-order collection, BYBORRE demonstrates its capacity to provide a comprehensive and adaptable array of textiles, serving a diverse clientele while staying true to its fundamental ethos. Notably, BYBORRE empowers its customers to personalize textiles with custom colors, enabling the creation of distinctive and individualized interior spaces and garments. This distinctive offering positions BYBORRE not only as a leader in responsible textile supply, but also as a pioneer in providing unparalleled customization options for its customers.

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BYBORRE combines technology and textile expertise to bring a new standard to the industry by unlocking material innovation, sharing its vast experience on circular knitting and making their transparent supply-chain available to all clients. They believe that, without the much-needed transparency, positive change is impossible.

Borre Akkersdijk and Arnoud Haverlag founded BYBORRE in 2015 to realize their ultimate mission to inspire and enable an entire generation of creators to make better and more responsible textiles for everyday products. Together with their international team of 50+ specialists, they took on the responsibility to push the boundaries of the conventional textile industry, make responsible textiles more accessible through material innovation, digital design services, and on-demand production.

The company previously raised €3.2 million in a 2020 series A investment round, funding the accelerated development of on-demand design tool Create™. Create™ has welcomed over 1000+ users and 300+ brands worldwide (2022) including Natuzzi, Herman Miller, Palace Skateboards and Porter Yoshida & Co.

To further expand its platform, BYBORRE introduced Textiles™ in 2022. Textiles is a growing library of ready-to-order textiles created from traceable materials and suitable for a wide range of end-use cases, as opposed to the industry wastefully made to stock production status quo. The quality is primarily driven by choosing materials that support longevity, made with BYBORRE’s signature circular knitting techniques and curated stock of certified yarns.

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