BYBORRE is set out to further disrupt the textile industry with BYBORRE Create™

AMSTERDAM, April 11th – After two years of onboarding hundreds of brands and designers, textile innovation platform BYBORRE is accelerating digital transformation through its online design tool BYBORRE Create™. From today on, anyone who works or wants to work with textile, is invited to design from pixel to needle with BYBORRE's textile creation technology and its direct access to circular knitting machines.

The advanced software update and new features enhance the workflow to create bespoke knitted textiles: from a completely new editor with expanded color options, extended library of curated textile compositions, to visibility on detailed impact data and an updated order history page. On top of that, every fabric comes with a textile passport that has insights on impact, care and lifecycle to help the creator with more freedom in making a conscious choice.

Brands, designers, and creators everywhere have complete control and insights over the design and production process, and can compose textiles by selecting from impact features such as recycled content, CO2 savings, water savings, zero-microplastics or selecting an enhanced lifetime. The online tool is designed to provide creative freedom and transparency to the creator, while also pushing the textile industry toward a conscious direction by disrupting traditional supply and demand. The amount of waste and unused textiles significantly reduces, as it allows only to produce the required meters for a specific product.

BYBORRE’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Borre Akkersdijk: "BYBORRE Create™ brings all the years of research and understanding of knit together and shares it with designers from all disciplines in a way that is intuitive and easy to use. Now to make it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to create a distinctive knitted textile with this speed and their own company DNA. That has never been possible before.”

BYBORRE Create™ shows that there is a need and desire from the industry to create custom and responsible textiles, with many respected brands and suppliers working with BYBORRE ever since. Create™ was introduced in 2019 on an invite-only basis. The beta launch took place in April 2021, quickly followed by an access request in August and open access for automated onboarding with credit card integrations in December 2021.

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BYBORRE combines technology and textile expertise to bring a new standard to the industry by unlocking material innovation, sharing its vast experience on circular knitting and making their transparent supply-chain available to all clients. They believe that, without the much-needed transparency, positive change is impossible.

Borre Akkersdijk and Arnoud Haverlag founded BYBORRE in 2015 to realize their ultimate mission to inspire and enable an entire generation of creators to make better and more responsible textiles for everyday products. Together with their international team of 50+ specialists, they took on the responsibility to push the boundaries of the conventional textile industry, make responsible textiles more accessible through material innovation, digital design services, and on-demand production.

The company previously raised €3.2 million in a 2020 series A investment round, funding the accelerated development of on-demand design tool Create™. Create™ has welcomed over 1000+ users and 300+ brands worldwide (2022) including Natuzzi, Herman Miller, Palace Skateboards and Porter Yoshida & Co.

To further expand its platform, BYBORRE introduced Textiles™ in 2022. Textiles is a growing library of ready-to-order textiles created from traceable materials and suitable for a wide range of end-use cases, as opposed to the industry wastefully made to stock production status quo. The quality is primarily driven by choosing materials that support longevity, made with BYBORRE’s signature circular knitting techniques and curated stock of certified yarns.

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